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Our company provides technical services to maintain all products in all its failures in case of any electronic failure


We are always working on upgrading our products and equipment to keep up with the latest developments

Product warranty

We provide warranty from the manufacturer to our customers if you buy any of our products, in order to provide them with the latest products globally
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customers service

We strive to provide the best after-sales services and shipping services and multiple services of training and development do not hesitate to ask for any help

Shipping and payment

 We offer legal shipping, payment on delivery and very flexible payment methods


Advice and guidance

 We provide you with advice and advice and let you know how to use and do not hesitate to answer any query or assistance
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After scientific studies and practical experimental which exceeded 3 years on advanced and sophisticated scientific techniques granting to you today Great Company, with high accuracy detection systems, and free of any errors.

Great 5000 from Great Company, a specialist in detection and exploration for underground resources and mineral, gold, water, gemstone, diamonds, and voids with optional lists.